How to operate your hand blender – step by step guide

How to operate your hand blender – step by step guide

A hand blender is a reliable kitchen tool that is pretty easy to use for various tasks. If you love experimenting with various ingredients and cooking methods. Then learn how to use a hand blender, that will take your cooking skills to the next level.

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Steps to operate your Hand-Blender:

Step 1: Follow the supplier’s instructions for how to wash, blending quantities, blending time, food that your blender works and won’t blend.

Step 2: Make sure that the batteries are charged beforehand if your blender functions on batteries. If not make sure that you are near a power outlet.

Step 3: Put the blender together according to the instructions on the box. Most of the hand blenders include an upper and lower attachment part that need to be screwed together.

Step 4: Once done, dunk the head of the blender into the bowl or cup, that has the ingredients you want to blend. Remember to keep the head of the blender slightly off the bottom of the cup or bowl.

Step 5: Switch on the blender and blend until your batter or smoothie is at your desired consistency.

Step 6: You will have to move the blender around to make sure all the ingredients are blended properly until there are no more lumps, in case you are using a large bowl.

Step 7: Detach the blender from the handle and wash, when you are done.

Cooking, baking and snack making tasks a hand blender can do:

It is important to remember that not all hand blenders will perform all techniques or produce all the food shown below. The performance will also vary if they say they do.

Beating: Stirring something rapidly to make a smooth mixture. Traditionally a whisk, a spoon, a spatula or a manual hand mixer is used to beat.

Blending: Mixing or combining ingredients together to make a nice uniform, smooth mixture. When blended, the mix of ingredients makes a new unique flavor.

Chopping: To chop from fine or small, too rough or big we would traditionally use a knife but with blender, this is usually done by the blade in a chopper bowl.

Creaming: Traditionally we would use the back of a wooden spoon or electric mixer to do this.

Kneading: Not all the blenders can do this but some of the more powerful or those with food processor attachments can boast making bread dough.


You can also get as creative as you can with this small gadget. So, don’t delay, just buy one and surprise your guests with your cooking skills.