How To Download And Install Kodi On PS4?

How To Download And Install Kodi On PS4?

Looking for how to download and install Kodi on PS4? If so, you are in the right place. This guide will cover every detail you need to know about the installation process.

I hope as you are searching on how to install Kodi on PS4, you will be well aware of what we talking about.

Sony’s Play Station 4 (PS4) was launched as a successor to the Play Station 3 and is one of the best selling consoles of all time. Apart from playing video games, using PS4 you can also enjoy the benefits of services like streaming media content and sites like that of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The gaming console is compatible with Blu Ray and DVD playback along with 3D functionality. It does not support CD’s, but using you can play custom music and video files with the help of USB drive along with a Media Playing application.

Kodi – A Quick Look

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a software developed by the Kodi XBMC Foundation. Kodi, an open-source media player software. It is designed to be available on a variety of operating and hardware platforms, while allowing users to play and watch a variety of streaming media, including music, videos, videos, and podcasts over the Internet. Here we will see how to install Kodi on PS4.

Since Kodi is unavailable for download on PS4, the question remains whether the user can download the media player for viewing content via PS4 on the big screen. Although there is no direct way of being able to download Kodi on PS 4, the ardent users can use alternative methods to do the needful.

Why Should You Install Kodi On PS4?

But what is the need to use alternative methods for downloading Kodi if it works like just any other media player? The answer to that lies in the following benefits of using Kodi on PS 4.

  • One of the best features of Kodi is the high audio and video quality of the software. When processed with the Play Station 4, it is one of the best possible combinations available out there.
  • The various Kodi add-ons have always attracted the user and the ability of now getting this software on PS 4 is like an added benefit.
  • The process of downloading Kodi on Ps 4 is fairly simple. One simply needs a PLEX account and then log in with the ID.
  • Kodi being an HTPC (Home Theatre PC) application acters to numerous languages from all around the world.

Steps To Download And Install Plex

Now that we already know that a PLEX account is needed before we can download Kodi, the simple steps given below need to be followed.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and download the PLEX app on your Android device.
  2. After the app is downloaded, create a PLEX ID and wait till it gets connected to the media.
  3. Login to the PLEX account using the ID and then click on the ‘Stay in Trial Mode’ option.
  4. Go to settings and select the option of ‘System’. Enable the ‘Advertise as a Server’, ‘Show Camera Roll Media’ and ‘Network Discovery’ options.

Now download the PLEX app from the Play Station Store on your PS 4 to get the app on your device. This can be done by following these steps.

  1. Launch the PlayStation app on your device and click on the ‘Apps’ section to open it.
  2. Scroll down on the list of Popular apps till you find the PLEX app.
  3. Download the app and click on the ‘Start’ button to access it.
  4. Log in to the account using your login credentials.
  5. After signing into the PLEX account on the Play Station console, a code will be displayed which can be used to navigate on PLEX’s official site
  6. The user can now access the Kodi streaming service on his PS 4 and enjoy the live streaming options.

Please ensure that your Android device and Play Station are connected to the same network connection so that the user can easily stream media content using his Android Device.

There is yet another unique way to install Kodi on PS4, to know more about the Non-Plex Method, refer:


Though the process seems long, it is actually a very simple process and the user can enjoy the combined benefit of Kodi and Play Station 4. When the user installs Kodi with the help of PLEX, he can also get the benefits of the PLEX application which is very similar to that of Kodi.

One thing which is recommended for all the users is that they use a VPN address to ensure that their identity is kept anonymous online. Though the developers of Kodi are still busy on making a version of the application which is suitable for downloading on Play Station 4 directly, the makers have launched several Kodi Game add on that are important and play a pivotal role for the Kodi application to run smoothly on your Play Station 4.