How to make a Lenny Face on PC or Laptop

How to make a Lenny Face on PC or Laptop

This technology era raises some of the never before seen craze among the users. With every new app or technology, there is something new to explore. Likewise, creating Lenny face is a popular craze among people today. For many, it is always been a mystery as they are very confused about how to create the Lenny faces. People are always very excited to create a Lenny face. This emoticon has gained so much popularity form people. Everyone is very interested to know the secret to build one. However, it may seem it is very easy to Lenny faces but there is a whole lot of process which you should follow to create a proper Lenny face. It may also be a bit tough for users to create a Lenny face with their PC’s or laptops.

It is true that proper coding is very important which can help you to make a Kenny face otherwise if the coding is not proper the Lenny face can become clumsy and not well built. If you are a Lenny face fanatic and if you are eager to create one by yourself then this the right place you can learn that. Today, there are also many apps been built which makes your task easy as it can easily generate a Lenny face. However, if you are not satisfied with the Lenny face outcome by these apps then you can always try doing it by yourself. In this article, you can find all the easy coding and simpler steps to create a beautiful Lenny face. This Lenny face can be done by using your Microsoft word. So just open your word document and start this exciting process.

Steps to make Lenny Faces                   

These steps can help you to build a perfect Lenny face. We have very easy tasks and steps to make it easier.

  • The first step is to click on the shift+9 key. Compare this “(“ with the result you got. This is just to check whether you have done it correctly or not.
  • Press the space key. Use shit+9 key to check whether you got the exact symbol like this “(“
  • Once the primary steps one and two are over you the tough pace of creating Lenny face starts. The coding part can be difficult for some users to understand. Carefully follow the steps without missing out any coding.
  • The next step is to click on the numbers 0361. Compare this “ (0361” with the result you have got. If it doesn’t match check it again.
  • After finishing the before step press the “alt+x” key.
  • Now the next step is to press both these keys together at the same time “BO and Alt+x”. Now click the space key and proceed to the next coding.
  • the next coding is “ 035c and alt+x”
  • Then press this code together“0296 with alt+x.
  • Now follow and repeat the previous step again.
  • repeat the previous step again and press” 0361 with alt+x”.
  • Now press the “BO key with alt+x “. Now you have to the entire process by clicking “shift+0”.

That’s it, Now you can create your own lenny face without the lenny face generator.