How To Build Warlock – A Combat DnD Guide

How To Build Warlock – A Combat DnD Guide

Dungeons & Dragons is a massive hit of titan game. Around 40 years of a role-playing game, this has recently gone through another resurgence. Now again, the players are picking up their dice and diving into this masterpiece.

There are many facets to this game Dungeons and Dragons, that experience from player to player.

DnD is a great chance to show off their acting chops as they role-play throughout the fantastic world. Most of the players are delving into deep, dark dungeons and battling wondrous monsters. They are mostly combat-focused and we have created a complete dnd 5e warlock spell list here.

Build a Warlock for Combat

Warlock is really deadly if one built it properly in the game. This build mainly focuses on the ability to deal with melee damage and to deal with the range damage.

Also, there are other ways to build a warlock, but most of the players focus on out of combat utility. If you are looking for more utility, the archetype of the Raven Queen offers a unique set of abilities that can help you forward.

When it comes to choosing a race there are plenty of ways concerning this build. Dragonborn mostly provides minimal improvements to your charisma bonus, for instance. The tiefling is a favorite for many players, due to its large boost to your charisma score.

The Hellish Resistance ability and the Infernal Legacy ability, are the interesting pick for the variant human race. You’ll get an additional feat as the racial bonus, in which you can pick the Sentinel Feat. It functions quite well with a pole in its arm master feat.

The chosen feats are all about boosting your damage and to sustain. You can wield a polearm with this build, for some devastating damage. And you can use you’re smite spells to buff your melee damage while using mirror images to increase your sustain.


By properly utilizing the blast and melee attacks while buffed by a brandishing smite, you can able to tango any enemy unfortunate enough to step within your path.